True Strength at Momentum Fest

Fifteen days before Momentum Fest 2018, I was picking up my two kids from gymnastics camp (1.8 miles from my house) with my youngest child in the car as well (my kids were 2, 5 and 7 years old). It was a normal June summer sunny day. The four of us got in the car (my Honda Minivan that I have a love/hate relationship with but my love for it grows bigger every day) at 12:05pm and started to talk about what we were going to pack for lunch to take to the pool.

We pulled out of the parking lot and I got a reminder from my daughter, “Mom buckle your seatbelt” so I did with her genuine reminder. Then within less than one minute, one block from their gymnastics camp, on a road that has a speed limit of 30 mph our lives changed. A car, completely out of control, spinning in the street at about 70 mph hit us head on the drivers side. I opened my eyes, in shock to what just happened and thought to myself “I’m alive!” (I know that sounds dramatic but I was seriously shocked that I was fortunate enough to survive – if the other driver would of had a passenger, it would of been a much different situation since that car door was completely smashed into the drivers seat – so if there’s any silver lining I am thankful the driver was by himself).

I heard my kids screaming which was a beautiful sound – that means they were alive too. My adrenaline kicked in (it was surreal feeling it run through my veins), I turned to look back at my kids and they all appeared okay (thank you guardian angels as my heart sank thinking of my youngest who sits behind me), I unbuckled my seatbelt (that my daughter so kindly reminded me to buckle), I couldn’t get out of my door at it was completely smashed, I climbed over the passenger side door and made my way around the glass that was everywhere (it was all in my hair and the kids hair too).

Luckily there were a few men who saw it all happen (they were outside on a cigarette break – I have never been so thankful for people smoking) and they ran over to help me get the kids out of the car. The car doors were hard to open since they were so smashed in and my car literally shutdown. The driver of the out of control car walked over with blood running down his face, bones sticking out of his hand and all I could say was “what the hell did you just do”. To be honest I wanted to punch him (and I am not a violent person) but I wanted to punch him for putting my kids life in danger.

My husband always plays basketball at noon so I couldn’t get ahold of him right away so he meet us at the hospital (you can only imagine his heart as he drove to the hospital). I was incredibly lucky to walk away from the accident with only a broken nose, concussion, anxiety and severe full body bruising. My kids walked away with bruising from their carseats/harnesses and anxiety but very thankful for our car, car seats and guardian angels keeping us safe.

My love for movement is hard to stop even shortly after the accident when I was told to rest. A few days after the car accident, I went for a bike ride – I was craving to be outside moving but after my bike ride my head felt awful and I realized why doctors tell you to rest after a concussion. I wanted to move, I felt thankful to be able to move and in 10 days I needed to get better for Momentum Fest.

I was seriously worried about it. I already paid for my spot, I already planned on seeing & moving with my friends there. I had to get better. So I listened to my body and finally rested (which was so hard) and slowly incorporated Pilates back into my routine! Pilates was my original therapy when I lost my mom – people always think of the physical healing of Pilates but the mind/body connection and breath helped me heal from the inside out dealing with a broken heart and Pilates was my therapy again as I healed my anxiety from the accident.

Then on June 22nd, I showed up at Momentum Fest! I was nervous as I had no idea what to expect… a Pilates festival… well there really hasn’t been one before and this one was right in my own backyard living in Colorado… I had to go and experience it for myself! I felt so incredibly blessed I was able to go! I now had a more grateful heart being able to move. I did have to make some modifications for my neck and wrists (from the impact I recently experienced) but that didn’t matter. What mattered was, I showed up!

Momentum Fest

I wore an outfit that made me feel strong & confident but that didn’t matter either because by the end of the day on Friday I felt so strong & confident – I felt strong not only from all the exercising with my Pilates idols but from the energy of people coming together to celebrate movement. How lucky was I that I was able to move!? How lucky was I that I was able to exercise!? I didn’t take a single second for granted as I knew 15 days ago it could have all been taken away from me. Thank you Momentum Fest for making me feel strong – physically and mentally. Strength is something inside of all of us but it takes a community to help radiate it out of us. Thank you Momentum Fest for celebrating life, movement, and people coming together to make each other feel better! I can’t wait to see you at Momentum Fest this year to see your strength shine!


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Kelly Hendricks

Kelly is a lifelong athlete with a passion for movement! She fell in love with Pilates after experiencing how it improved the activities she loves including hiking, skiing, trail running, sprint triathlons, swimming, and – most importantly – keeping up with her three young kids. She followed her passion in 2015 by deciding to own and operate three Club Pilates studios. She is currently in the process of completing her 500 hour comprehensive training through Club Pilates’ teacher training program. Her passion is to improve the lives of everyone around her with better health by bringing communities together with a positive heart & mind.