Momentum Fest


Momentum Fest™ is a three day Pilates and movement celebration. Feed your body, mind and soul with empowering movement classes, motivating conversations, an inclusive community and uplifting connections.

Momentum Fest will be offering both in an in person and virtual event option in 2021. They will both be held June 25-27 in order to give everyone an opportunity to move, feel motivated and be in community together! We look to the future with hope and inspiration and will continue to work towards our vision of inclusivity, celebration and community.

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* If you have a deferred ticket from our 2020 event you will be able to use it at either our in person or virtual event in 2021. An email was sent explaining the details. Please contact us with questions.


Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging

At Momentum Fest we believe in the power of movement, celebration, community and joy. We believe all individuals have the right to feel heard, seen and safe, despite size, ability, age, gender identity or race. We are committed to the ongoing process of making sure our actions reflect this vision and these values. This includes working to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging always have a priority in our business, relationships, communication and events.

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