Colorado UpLift


We are honored to partner with Colorado UpLift for Momentum Fest 2022!

Colorado Uplift builds long-term, life-changing relationships with thousands of urban youth in both Denver and Aurora Public Schools. UpLift uses a highly-relational model with full-time Teacher/Mentors, cross-age mentoring, and year-round support and programming.

If you consider yourself successful, chances are somewhere along your journey there were people who encouraged or pushed you towards your potential. It may have been a parent, a teacher, a relative, or a mentor.

Unfortunately, many of today’s urban youth lack this positive guidance, resulting in alarming dropout, teen pregnancy, and incarceration rates. That’s where UpLift comes in, with meaningful relationships, opportunities, and experiences that shape students into the young adults we know they can become.

Momentum Fest will be hosting UpLift students and the organization itself at our event in June. Come to the Colorado UpLift booth in the vendor area to find out all the amazing work they are doing here in Denver!

To learn more or get involved, visit