Momentum Fest 2019 Headline Presenters

We could not be more excited or honored to introduce you to our 2019 headline presenters. Each of these teachers embodies the mission of inclusivity, passion and celebration that we strive for at Momentum Fest!


Trina Altman

Trina Altman, BS, PMA-CPT, E-RYT 500. She’s the creator of Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed®, which take an interdisciplinary approach to foster an embodied understanding of yoga and Pilates and their relationship to modern movement science. Trina created and taught a Pilates Deconstructed® course for physical therapists at UCLA and was part of the faculty for the Brain Longevity® conference at UCLA. Her work has been published in Pilates Style, Yoga Journal and Yoga International. Her book, Yoga Deconstructed®: Transitioning From Rehabilitation Back Into The Yoga Studio is slated to be published by Handspring Publishing in December 2019.
For more information on Trina and her live + online classes and courses, visit


Delia Buckmaster

Delia is founder of Delia Pilates® and in the industry for almost 20 years. She’s an International Fitness Educator, PMA®CPT, BootyBarre® Master Trainer, and Balanced Body® Master Instructor. Delia earned her Full Certification through STOTT®Pilates and completed the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. Delia has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, a PMA panelist and published fitness and wellness writer for a regional magazine . She was voted best fitness instructor in Whitefish 2014, 2015 , 2016 & 2018 and was a finalist for the Pilates Anytime 2016 & 2017 Next Instructor Competition.



Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins

Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins has been teaching Pilates since 2005. She received her education from The Pilates Center, Boulder a Classical Pilates School. Since graduating from TPC, Kelli has mentored closely with Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel. In 2014, Kelli relocated to Austin, Texas to be closer to family. She continues to work remotely for The Pilates Center as the Director of Education and travels with Amy Taylor Alpers teaching workshops. Kelli teaches at The Pilates Movement Studio in Austin, Texas.




Jen Cameron

Jen Cameron is a playful and creative teacher. She founded Flight Club: Denver AcroYoga in 2013 to bring Acrobatic skills to her local community. Jen is trained and experienced in teaching Yoga, AcroYoga, Handstands and Thai Massage. Her classes are safe, playful and will leave you with new skills! You don’t need experience or a partner to join in the fun. Show up curious and ready to play.





James Crader

James Crader is a Movement and Mind-shift Coach specializing in Pilates and John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy, a CoreAlign Faculty Member, and owner of Evolved Body in Sacramento, CA. Growing up he’d never thought anything fitness would be his calling. What he was good at was observing and storytelling. He loved to listen, learn, play with the shapes he could make while rolling around on the ground, and he even practiced writing with his toes (just in case). All that made for a weird kid, but an innovative movement educator. James began his Pilates training with Balanced Body, but has gone on to study with numerous teachers from many lineages of Pilates and beyond. He’s the co-host of The Thinking Pilates Podcast and has appeared on Pilates Anytime and in Pilates Style. James was featured in the Pilates documentary A Movement of Movement, and has presented at conferences like The McEntire Summit and Momentum Fest. You can find out more about James and EB Studio at, or follow his life and movement musings on Instagram @james_crader.



Marimba Gold-Watts

Marimba Gold-Watts, PMA-CPT, RCST® is the 2018 Winner of the Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Contest. Formerly a professional dancer, she began studying Pilates in 1999 and received her pilates certification at The Kane School of Core Integration under the direction of Kelly Kane in 2007.  In 2012, Marimba and her husband Steve opened Articulating Body Inc., a pilates and wellness studio in New York City. Marimba is also a Registered Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist®, a graduate of Barnard College of BA in Art History, and has taught modern dance both internationally and at The Ailey school since 2005. Her goal is to help her clients achieve strong, fluid, and more articulate bodies.



Grace Hurry

Grace is from the UK and first fell in love with movement when she started ballet at the age of 2.  At age 11 she was accepted to full time ballet school where she was lucky enough to be introduced to Pilates, which became an integral part of Grace’s dance training and career. In 2010 Grace transitioned from professional dancer to ballet and Pilates teacher, and became certified through the Royal Academy of Dance, the Pilates Method Alliance, and Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates in the UK. She later competed the Mentor and Master programs with Rael Isacowtiz in California. After 3 years of teaching in the Cayman Islands, Grace now lives on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands and co-owns a Pilates studio there. She also guest teaches and hosts Pilates retreats internationally and is a member of the BASI Pilates faculty. She is so excited to be returning to Momentum Fest for a second year!


Debora Kolwey

Debora Kolwey began her movement studies in high school, with yoga, ballet, modern dance and theatre. She went on to receive a BFA in dance and theatre from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and upon graduation pursued a career in modern dance in NYC. In 1982 Debora moved to Boulder, Colorado to dance with the Nancy Spanier Dance Company. She then meet Stephan Frease and petitioned him to train her in The Pilates method, and in 1985 opened her first home studio. Pivotal to her development was an apprenticeship with Eve Gentry. After Eve’s death, Michele Larsson and Debora created the first Core Dynamics workshops to carry on Eve’s legacy. In 1991 Debora joined the teaching staff at The Pilates Center in Boulder and in 1999 became a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center. Debora is PMA certified and attended the first PMA conference. She is a regular presenter at these conferences and a contributor to Pilates Anytime. She travels nationally and internationally teaching The Pilates Method, the work of Eve Gentry and workshops on her own approach to body, mind, and spirit.


Chantill Lopez

Chantill is a movement explorer, educator, and mentor and has made a 20-year career teaching Pilates; it still makes her smile. Her work focuses on teaching from the whole-person and whole-body perspective, drawing from brain-based learning frameworks, motivation and communication science, somatic and humanistic psychology, and other emerging models such as the polyvagal theory. Chantill is the founder of the education company, Skillful Teaching, the creator of the Thinking Pilates Podcast and author of the book “Moving Beyond Technique”. She is also the creator of one of Pilates Metrics’ original movement libraries and a featured presenter for Fusion Pilates EDU. Chantill lives and teaches in Sacramento, CA.


Anula Maiberg

Anula Maiberg was born in Israel and moved to NYC in 2001 in order to pursue a career in photography. While working on her degree at the School of Visual Arts she fell in love with Pilates through the classes and private sessions she took around the city. After receiving her Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College in London and a few years at a “desk” job she realized happiness wasn’t in front of the computer screen. She decided to attended the Kane School for Core Integration (Kinected) to become a fully certified teacher graduated in 2009. After several years teaching she was accepted into the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Masers and graduated in 2014. Anula is passionate about upholding the traditions and principles of Pilates while being able to update and personalize them for the needs of her students. She also feels strongly about volunteering her time to the LGBTQ community and believes Pilates is a wonderful movement modality and a tool for healing in a supportive environment.


Tracey Mallett

Tracey Mallett is an International Fitness and Wellness Expert, dancer, choreographer and Master Pilates Instructor. Tracey owns her own fitness and Pilates studio in Los Angeles, and is currently certifying trainers worldwide in “The Booty Barre” technique. She’s also a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA), as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN), a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Method Alliance and a Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructor. Tracey is a regular contributor who delivers carefully crafted workouts that have appeared in dozens of publications including Prevention, Shape, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, Pilates Style and Self. A former professional dancer, Mallett also specializes in pre- and postnatal fitness and has presented her workshops at many major professional fitness conferences domestically and internationally. She has been a fitness professional for over 20 years and prides her self on being an innovator with the latest trends in the fitness industry.



Carrie Pages

Carrie Pagès is the owner and senior Pilates Instructor for In Balance Pilates Studio. She attended high school at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she majored in Classical Ballet. Carrie discovered the endless benefits of Pilates while rehabilitating an ankle injury and knew it would be a part of her life forever. She received her certification while living in Charleston, SC in 2000. In 2002, Carrie opened In Balance Pilates Studio in Wilmington, NC and founded the In Balance Pilates Teacher Training program in 2004. She is also the winner of the 2016 Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition. Along with travelling to studios all over the country to teach workshops and master classes Carrie is a presenter for Pilates On Tour with Balanced Body. Her recent project is an online studio designed for instructors looking for inspiration and motivation.


Meredith Rogers

Meredith Rogers has been an educator for BASI Pilates since 2006.  She is a proud Senior Faculty Member and teaches workshops and courses internationally. Meredith is continually driven by the opportunity to share her love of the Pilates method and the Body Arts and Science technique with students all over the world and loves to watch them integrate the work into their bodies and their lives. Since early childhood, Meredith has been passionate about all things athletic. She was born and raised in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, where she was encouraged as an athlete participating competitively in downhill skiing and soccer. She discovered Pilates while rehabilitating a knee injury and immediately gravitated towards it after experiencing  firsthand a discipline that promotes balance and alignment as well as strength. Meredith is currently a resident of Santa Barbara, California where she has been teaching at La Playa Pilates and Wellness center since its origin in 2002.  She continues to be excited and inspired by the broad spectrum of the population that Pilates relates to and how it can be tailored to address individual needs while its principles are infallible and never changing.


Raquel Scianna

Raquel is a soul streaker, medicinal mover, and ritual weaver. A writer, speaker, healer and group facilitator, she can be found most often in hot pursuit of what ignites her. Her passion is helping others craft meaningful, powerful personal ritual & relationship in order to change the world within and around them. She combines her background in mindful movement, divine feminine studies, and indigenous spirituality into powerful group and individual healing.





Brooke Tyler

Brooke is a classical Pilates instructor and teacher trainer, as well as a licensed acupuncturist.  She bridges these distinct but deeply interwoven practices into a unique expression that brings greater depth to her instruction, celebrates movement, embodiment, presence, strength, and self-love.  As a lifetime athlete and mother of two, her passion for working with people spans a broad range of needs, goals, and abilities. As creator of Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio in Asheville, NC, Brooke Tyler has built a lively community wellness hub and home to Clasique Pilates Instructor Certification Program. In order to share her passion beyond the walls of the studio, Brooke also launched CoreSelf in 2018 – an online Pilates video platform for instructors and home practitioners alike.


Jessica Valant

Jessica Valant, MSPT, PMA-CPT, is a licensed Physical Therapist, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, continuing education provider, proud mama and movement lover. She believes when people feel strong and free in their own bodies it can lead to a ripple of more kindness and love in the world. Jessica is recognized as a leader in the Pilates industry due to her extensive experience, continuing education courses, women’s health expertise, successful online Pilates studio and popular Youtube channel. Her work has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Shape Magazine and Thrillest and she has been named a YouTube Creator on the Rise and Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition Finalist. Jessica and her husband, Brian, founded Momentum Fest in 2017 in order to create an inclusive, loving and fun place for all people to celebrate movement together. Jessica can be found at, on social media @jessicavalantpilates or at home in Denver wrangling two young kids.


Jenna Zaffino

Jenna Zaffino is a seasoned Pilates Expert and passionate entrepreneur with two decades under her belt as a movement educator. She served as the Pilates Coordinator for Fitness Formula Clubs and instituted Pilates programming across the city of Chicago from 2002 – 2006.  In the decade following, she owned and operated Helios Center For Movement, a Pilates studio and teacher training center, which she sold in 2017.  Jenna also served as faculty for Fletcher Pilates® International, leading training for teachers across the globe.  She has presented at venues such as the Pilates Method Alliance Annual Meeting, Pilates On Tour, Athleta, NYC, American Bone Health Events, Bright Pink Fab Fest, Fletcher Pilates® Conference, and Momentum Fest. She is a Pilates Anytime visiting instructor with over 20 classes on the site. In 2016, she parlayed her passion into producing her wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered.  Jenna now operates her practice out of her sanctuary space in Chicago, where she sees a small group of private clientele, offers career coaching for Pilates professionals and creates online course content for continuing education. It is Jenna ’s mission to facilitate a process that brings personal meaning to one’s movement practice and supports them in the life that happens beyond the studio.



Momentum Fest 2019 Guest Presenters

Our guest presenters are up and coming teachers we are excited to introduce you to! They will each be teaching an early morning class at Momentum Fest in order to help prepare attendees for the day ahead. We are excited to use our platform to support teachers who spread our vision of movement as celebration.


Carol Crincoli

Carol M. Crincoli, PMA CPT, believes that a concentrated movement practice can inspire a life of connection. With over 30 years’ experience as a movement and fitness professional, Carol has shared this message in corporate environments, higher education venues and her studio of 11 years, Pure Pilates in New Providence, New Jersey. Carol received her comprehensive Pilates training from the PhysicaMind Institute in New York City and also holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as well as the IDEA-PFT Recognition System as an Elite Level Personal Fitness Trainer. Carol currently serves as an Educator for McEntire Pilates. Her teaching style is influenced creatively through her BFA in Musical Theatre from The Boston Conservatory of Music. A seasoned performer, Carol brings an energy of grounded guidance and lighthearted learning to each teaching endeavor. In addition, Carol is the inventor of the 8th Avenue Rail, an upgraded organizing solution for Pilates springs. Carol was an attendee at Momentumfest in 2018 and is thrilled to be giving back to this amazing community as a presenter this year.


Michelle Duvall

Michelle is an expert movement teacher who finds joy in motivating others to make connections through mindful movement. Michelle holds a BFA in Dance, PMA®-CPT, 200hr Yoga certification, and trained in The Roll Model Method by Jill Miller.​ With her rich background in various movement styles, Michelle created Barre Variations. A manual, method, and video library with an expanded syllabus of choreography and technique. Michelle believes that there is plenty of room at the barre, and aspires to inspire others to let their inner creative barre star shine!



Emma Kumley

Emma Kumley, JD, PMA-CPT and certified GYROTONIC® Trainer, has been teaching movement for 25 years. She began teaching group fitness classes as an AFAA certified instructor after she finished high school. One husband, one law career, and four kids later, Emma finds herself as the owner and operator of The Movement Studio in Oxford, FL, where she teaches Pilates and the GYROTONIC® Method. Her personal movement journey has evolved from early ballet and modern dance experience to group fitness and corporate gym overdose to the balanced gratitude that is born of boutique fitness studio ownership. This evolution has taught her that physical fitness should be a way to love your body, and she advocates for moving whenever and wherever you can!


Becky Phares

Becky Phares is a Ragin Cajun Pilates instructor from Lafayette, LA who owns The Body Initiative Pilates Studio. With over 10 years of teaching experience she has worked with all types of populations from the ages of 7 – 93. Recently Becky has been blog writing for the Polestar International newsletter and finished in the top 10 in the next Pilates anytime instructor competition for 2018 and 2016. Movement is her passion and wants to share postivive movement experiences with the world!



Whitney Shea

Whitney Shea has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years, and has a degree in Integrative Physiology from The University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) License from Pima Medical Institute in Denver. She has Pilates and yoga teaching certifications from The Pilates Method Alliance, The Pilates Center in Boulder, CorePower Yoga, as well as a Pelvic Health Level 1 certification from the American Physical Therapy Association. Currently, Whitney is a PTA and Pilates instructor at Physical Therapy of Boulder, and also teaches Pilates and yoga at Colorado Athletic Club and The University of Colorado in Boulder. Whitney’s passion is all things movement, and their relationship with our body, mind, and breath!



Lindy Royer

Lindy is originally from Sydney, Australia, where she completed her training as a Physiotherapist. She resumed Physical Therapy practice in Denver in 1987, and after discovering Pilates in the late 1990’s, Lindy was inspired to create a studio blending PT and Pilates practices so she could serve her patients more effectively. Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy was born in 2005. Now rebranded as Park Meadows Center for Movement, Lindy’s studio combines a synthesis of Physical Therapy, Pilates, CoreAlign, MOTR and other mindful movement practices to help clients optimize their health by transforming their movement experience.



Ashley Campanella

Ashley Campanella, PMA-CPT, grew up with the Colorado passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. She was first introduced to Pilates while working at an athletic club. She enjoyed the exercise and the difference it made in her body but it wasn’t until a car accident that she saw the healing benefits of Pilates. It was then that she realized that Pilates isn’t just a form of exercise but also a way to rehab from past injuries and to find balance in order to avoid future injuries. Ashley completed her comprehensive training through Balanced Body in 2015. She has since continued her education completing courses in anatomy, MOTR, and Bodhi, and also tested to become a Fully-Qualified CoreAlign Instructor.


Ashley Taylor

Ashley holds Advanced and Comprehensive Pilates Instructor certifications through Polestar Pilates in addition to national certification through the Pilates Method Alliance. She uses Pilates as the foundation from which she trains clients’ while utilizing the Core Align, MOTR, and OOV to improve gait and dynamic stability. Ashley excels at identifying and improving postural and muscular asymmetries so that her clients can stay healthy and fit for the activities they enjoy most.