DEIB & Anti-Racism

DEIB Statement

At Momentum Fest we believe in the power of movement, celebration, community and joy. We believe all individuals have the right to feel heard, seen and safe, despite size, ability, age, gender identity or race. We are committed to the ongoing process of making sure our actions reflect this vision and these values. This includes working to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging always have a priority in our business, relationships, communication and events.

Here are some ways we are working towards diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging at Momentum Fest and the community at large:

We are working with an DEIB and anti-racism coach for leadership, education and accountability in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to creating a space that includes BIPOC, LGBTQ+, larger bodied and non able-bodied voices. Our actions will include consistently and actively seeking out presenters, ambassadors, vendors, partners and sponsors from marginalized groups in our industry and amplifying their voices and businesses through our social media, website and events. While we start accepting applications for these rolls nine months before our event, we are committed to building relationships and community and amplifying voices year round.

We are committed to creating a space that feels supportive and safe for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, larger bodied and non able-bodied attendees. We will do this in various ways, including but not limited to:
– monitoring social media comments for any racist, ableist, sizeist or other discriminatory verbiage and removing as necessary
– monitoring our live event for any comments of the same nature and asking any individual or groups guilty of this kind of verbiage to either stop or leave the event
– creating movement classes that are accessible for all bodies, no matter size or ability
– using gender identifiers for our presenters and attendees

We are committed to improving representation in our marketing and promotional materials. We understand what tokenism is and the damage it does and we dedicate ourselves to making this representation a longterm commitment. We will do this through:
– seeking out members in our community from marginalized groups and asking permission to use their photos along with promoting and tagging them for credit
– paying models from marginalized groups for photo shoots and videos to grow a diverse and inclusive collection of marketing materials for us and our industry
– being committed to monthly audits of our posts and photographs and marketing materials to ensure diversity is in fact being shown

We are committed to amplifying voices from marginalized groups in our community not only during our events but throughout the year on our website and social media platforms. This includes and is not limited to regular blog posts, Instagram interviews, Facebook interviews, reposting and more.

We are committed to accepting feedback and constructive criticism during the process. We are committed to listening and learning and making anti-racism and inclusivity work a longterm part of our vision and goals. If you have feedback to give in this area, please email with the subject line “DEIB work”. We are committed to not only holding ourselves accountable, but allowing our community to help hold us accountable as well.

As a business owned by white individuals, we understand the privilege we have and what we have done inadvertently to contribute to non equity within our community. We are committed to action and change so that our values are seen in all we do and that all of our community members feel safe and valued.


Here are a list of resources both from our Momentum Fest community and the movement community at large. We will update this list as applicable.

Momentum Fest presenters, ambassadors, vendors and sponsors

Colorado UpLift

Tasha Edwards

Jason Williams

Danica Kalemdaroglu

Clarissa Shepherd

Nicole Peterson

Soul Rhythm African Drumming

Jessica N. Vann

Micki Havard

Eshael M. Johnson, M.S.

Workshops and articles about anti-racism in the fitness industry

Chrissy King

Sonja Price Herbert

Race, Pilates and Change by Roxy Menzies

What it Means to be Black in Fitness by Rozalynn S. Frazier

BIPOC Offerings, Scholarships and More

Instagram accounts promoting and teaching anti-racism and inclusion in the fitness industry







Black owned businesses in the fitness industry

Pilates Comics – marketing and graphic design

Elevate Activewear – apparel

Solely Fit – apparel

Lukafit – apparel (all inclusive sizing as well)

Sworkit – fitness app

Culture Fit Clothing – apparel