Our vendor area is always one of the highlights of Momentum Fest!

We are now accepting applications for vendors for Momentum Fest 2022.

You can find the application and details here!

Spots sell out fast! Feel free to email with any questions.


You can find the list of vendors from our last event below.



Balanced Body

Balanced Body has always believed that mindful movement like Pilates changes people’s lives. Their passion for positive change has resulted in them becoming the world’s largest provider of Pilates equipment and education. For our Virtual Event, Balanced Body will be offering discounts on many items, including the Oov and MOTR!




Momentum Fest

Take home your very own Momentum Fest swag! Tanks, sweatshirts, water bottles and more.





The Pilates Center

The Pilates Center was founded by sisters, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel in Boulder, CO in 1990. Both sisters studied directly under Romana Kryzanowska, the primary protégée of Joseph Pilates, at the original Pilates Studio in New York City. The Pilates Center Teacher Training Programs are internationally renowned for developing the best teachers in the industry. This year they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary! Stop by the booth to celebrate with them.




We all have clients with bunions, chronic fatigue, back pain, Morton’s Neuroma, plantar fasciitis, tight calves and inflexibility in the lower body. Bringing the FOCUS back on the FEET will UP YOUR GAME as a trainer allowing your clients to progress faster and remain injury free. Visit the Feet-Ness booth at  Momentum Fest to learn more about their online and live Instructor Training Program and try out Rescue LOOP.  You’ll also have the possibility to win a gift bag!



Malas for Tatas

Stop by the Malas for Tatas booth to shop for a cause! You can either purchase a mala from their special collection of hand made, one of a kind malas infused with intentions of health and wellness or experience the popular “make your own mala” station. There you can create your own one of a kind piece for yourself or a special someone. This was truly the highlight of Momentum Fest for many shoppers in 2019! All proceeds from your donation to this Colorado based nonprofit go to help women with breast cancer afford alternative, holistic treatments that ease uncomfortable symptoms and supplement cancer treatment.




Peach was founded on the simple idea that a lifestyle brand could help women elevate their everyday. Their clothing is designed to make you feel your best from morning ’til night, in style and in comfort. Their goal is that you reach for Peach all the time because of how it makes you feel and the versatility it brings into your every day. Peach’s mission is to help you and your community thrive — from the inside out and the outside in. This is a company made by women, for women.



Core Compassion Project

Core Compassion Project strengthens the body, mind, and spirit through post-rehabilitative Pilates. We seek to help restore strength and mobility to cancer patients and/or survivors in a setting that offers a time to heal mentally and physically. Core Compassion Project provides Pilates scholarships to breast cancer survivors. Come visit their booth and see how you can get involved with this powerful organization.



Sweat Love Soul

Sweat Love Soul is a clothing line created by a mother’s journey with the helping hands and hearts of her beautiful children. Each unique piece is woven with PURPOSE; designed to be worn confidently from day to night. Clothing that empowers all humans to trust the journey of life, and be inspired to LIVe their best day through STRENGTH and LOVE. A portion of every sale goes to the Colorado Children’s Hospital. Come for the amazing clothing, sense of connection and to help create the newest clothing creation!




Sutra is an all-in-one platform to start, run and scale your own fitness/wellness business. You can host group classes and privates, monetize on-demand content, and build community-driven courses, all from your own website. We take out the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best: teaching and connecting with your community. The future of fitness has more voices in the space who bring inclusion, diversity and creativity to movement, so working out is a better experience than ever before. Book a free demo here!




Colorado Pilates Organization

Colorado Pilates Organization is a professional organization composed of professional Pilates instructors and studio owners in Colorado whom share a common desire to help special populations and individuals in need with the benefits of Pilates and to build community within their industry. Their mission is to increase the scope and depth to which we can serve our community through Pilates and to provide support for the professional Pilates community within Colorado.



Pilates Education Institute

Pilates Education Institute’s mission is to provide Pilates studio owners with the tools they need to transform their businesses into teacher training studios. With PEI’s comprehensive and customizable online curriculum, you’ll have all the resources you need to start training the next generation of Pilates instructors your way in your own studio. PEI has been a leader in Pilates education since 2012 and has been implemented in studios in 13 countries around the world. Stop by our booth to check out the curriculum and learn more!




 Profitable Pilates 

With the goal of helping more people do Pilates, Lesley Logan set out on a mission. She supports both students and teachers with her retreats, online Pilates platform OPC and business focused platform Profitable Pilates. Come meet her and her husband Brad to learn more!



Good Citizen LA

Good Citizen is the revolutionary new Pilates lifestyle brand that is changing the way you do Pilates. With clean, comfortable, and stylish loops, customers can enjoy their Pilates sessions with the safety and security of their own loops, while showing off their sense of style!




Calibrate Pilates

Calibrate Pilates focuses on Pilates and movement education from a clinical and rehabilitative perspective. We take the view, as presented by Eve Gentry, that “Pilates is a concept”. We take the concept of Pilates and use it as a tool: a tool to educate, and a tool to rehabilitate. Calibrate Pilates runs courses in clinical Pilates education, rehabilitation training for Pilates teachers, hosts free biweekly clinical education sessions, and supports a thriving community of movement practitioners.




Pure Body Teacher Training

Pure Body Teacher Training is a comprehensive classical Pilates program currently teaching throughout the United States and northern Europe. Find education, mentorship and community. Remember, #youcansitwithus.





Reformer Loops

Reformer Loops are designed to be your personal set of loops for use in the studio or at home. Made from 100% GRS-certified recycled PET bottles, Reformer Loops come in two styles – The Premium Loop, which is lined with neoprene for extra comfort, and the Lite Loop, which is compact and has a wonderful soft, natural feel.
Reformer Loops are durable and easy to attach to any reformer via clip or soft-rope attachment and the reduced noise provided by the paracord connection will improve your workout experience.
BASI Systems

BASI Systems uses the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials to build equipment with biomechanical and aesthetic integrity. Please join team affiliate, Jason Loya, at the virtual booth to learn insights and benefits of this emerging brand. Alongside special guest Grace Hurry, the two will host a virtual demo to demonstrate the appeal of this state-of-the-art equipment. Learn more here.




Vorelle is an apparel brand started by a family on a mission to make activewear that fuses style, function, and comfort, without compromising integrity. Every piece is made at our factory in Tampa, FL, where we value the people who make our clothes as much as the people who wear them. We don’t just make cute leggings- we make them with a passion for quality, sustainability, and community so you can feel good wearing them. Made with love, for all the things you do. Wear good energy, and pass it on.