How Pilates and Momentum Fest are Bringing People Together

More Than Just an Exercise
The Pilates method has been around since the 1920s when it was created by its namesake, Joseph Pilates. He originally called it Contrology because it is the ultimate control of body, mind and spirit. This is attained through Pilates’ six principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. He believed that by honing these skills, one can achieve a healthier and stronger lifestyle. Joseph Pilates was right. From the professional athlete to the couch potato, everyone can benefit from practicing Pilates regularly. There is so much to learn about doing Pilates especially when you have a partnership with a certified Pilates teacher. He or she will help you gain a richer experience, so you can expand the products of the exercise like increased flexibility, stronger core, decreased stress, etc.

Inspiring a “Movement” through Movement
Not only is Pilates making incredible impact on people’s health, it is inspiring people to come together. Pilates will be center stage at Momentum Fest this June 22-24 in Denver, CO. The three-day weekend will be a celebration for everyone who loves Pilates or is curious about learning more. There are so many different reasons that people do Pilates – to stay healthy, get fit, have time for yourself, have fun with friends. The list goes on. Whatever your reason, you will find that Pilates can bring us all together. Some of the greatest Pilates teachers from all over the world will be leading classes and conversations to inspire joy, movement and unity. There is no better time to share the impact that Pilates can have on our health and how it can be a common thread for us all to function better as individuals, in our community, and in our world. Who knew that by simply doing Pilates we can be that much closer to world peace? Joseph Pilates did, and this was his ultimate dream for his work.

How the Pilates Industry is Giving Back to the Community
You don’t have to look far to see the incredible work being done with Pilates as the unifying tool. Whether it is in the form of disease treatment, rehabilitation, or charitable support, there are people and organizations making positive impact in their communities and across the world. Who is benefiting? Children, military veterans, people with scoliosis and spinal cord injuries, and more. We think this would make Joseph Pilates smile. Check out the links below to learn more…and be moved.

Links to Organizations and Efforts where Pilates is Making a Positive Impact