Denver Here I Come!

It’s no secret that I love to travel. My husband thinks I’m addicted and maybe he’s right! In fact, I am writing this whilst staying in the tiny village of Arrifana in the Western Algarve whilst my husband surfs (that’s his addiction!)

Last year we were lucky enough to take four months to travel through six countries and I can honestly say we felt ‘at home’ in every new city, town and village that we visited.

Now, that’s not because I am a super-chilled, van-life hippie. Not at all!  I am just as uptight as the next ballet-dancer-turned-pilates-teacher (but I’m working on it!). The truth is we always felt at home thanks to the connections we made through movement practices, be it Pilates, yoga, surfing or ninja training (true story).

This is why Momentum Fest is so important and exciting for our global Pilates community. Having a weekend purely dedicated to making connections with liked minded people whilst celebrating movement is quite simply a recipe for a life-enhancing experience!

Just as we did whilst on our travels, I have no doubt you will find people whom you automatically ‘click’ with; people who make you see and feel things differently; people you will learn from, and who will learn from you.

For all those attending, or those thinking of attending I can’t encourage you enough to grab this opportunity to connect, share and celebrate with other Pilates enthusiasts!

I will be making the journey to Denver from Jersey (a tiny 9 by 5 mile island off the north west coast of France!) because I love to travel, I love Pilates and, most of all, I love the people who love Pilates. I hope to see you there.

Grace x

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Grace Hurry is a BASI and PMA certified Pilates teacher having owned and taught at studios in the Channel Islands, United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands. She is also a qualified yoga instructor. Grace was lucky enough to begin practising Pilates from the age of 11. Throughout her training and career as a professional dancer at Tring Park, the Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet and Scottish Ballet, Grace credits Pilates as the tool which allowed her to meet the high demands of a classical ballet dancer. However, it was only after retiring from dance that Grace began to discover the broader physical and mental benefits that practicing Pilates offers to all aspects of life. Being able to share the magic of movement with any ‘body’ who wants to learn is the core of Grace’s teaching ethos. Grace’s teaching is dynamic, creative and precise. She encourages you to explore the awesome things that your body can do, and to feel good whilst doing it!