The Momentum Fest ambassador program highlights teachers in our community who are energetic, excited and driven in their movement practice and love of life. They embody our mission of inclusion, community and joy and are helping to spread Momentum Fest’s vision to their hometowns and studios!

Meet Our 2020 Momentum Fest Ambassadors


Amanda Kindschy – Team Leader

Amanda was raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she grew up riding horses, doing gymnastics, and playing team sports. She loved being active, but hadn’t found an activity she wanted to continue into adulthood. That all changed when she discovered Pilates in 2013. She was trained by Club Pilates in 2015 and since then has pursued continuing education and mentoring with teachers such as Anula Maiberg, Try Fry, and Carrie Pages. She’s passionate about being both a Pilates teacher and student. Amanda’s also excited to be a part of the current movement of teachers working to create an inclusive Pilates community where there is a feeling of mutual respect and appreciation for different types of purposeful movement. This is Amanda’s third year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Emily Sharpe – Team Leader

Emily Sharpe is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor, comprehensively trained through Balanced Body and also trained in Balanced Body MOTR, the BODHI Suspension System and Balanced Body Barre. Emily discovered Pilates over 10 years ago as a means to heal chronic knee pain and find an outlet of movement she enjoyed. She diligently studied the method by taking group classes and privates, ultimately leaving her advertising career to pursue teaching Pilates full time. Emily brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to her teaching and continues to deepen her knowledge of movement through workshops, mentoring sessions and conferences to keep up to date with current techniques and trends in the industry. When not in the studio Emily can be found exploring the outdoors, hiking with her husband and friends and traveling to adventurous places! This is Emily’s third year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Ashley Chubrik

Momentum Fest ambassadorAshley is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast who first came to Pilates after a running injury in college. She quickly turned her passion for the practice into teaching and sharing the method with others. She completed her first certification with Ellie Herman Studios in 2010, and has since completed an additional comprehensive certification through Balanced Body. She continues to deepen her knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics, and the latest pilates science by attending seminars throughout the country, and is in the process of completing her faculty certification through Pure Body Teacher Training. Ashley enjoys working with clients of all different levels in both individual and group settings to help them achieve their specific goals. This is Ashley’s third year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Mychele Sims

Momentum Fest ambassadorMychele finds motivation in movement. While her love of dance helped her find Pilates, Mychele’s love for Pilates propelled her to teach, and share the method with others. Specifically, Mychele seeks to create inclusive spaces for people of color to experience Pilates. Mychele completed her comprehensive classical training at the Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Institute. As the owner of Get2Werk Fitness®, Mychele channels her passion for fitness as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE/AFAA/NASM/TRX), and dance teacher. When Mychele is not reading cases for law school, she enjoys spending time with Leo’s Tacos. This is Mychele’s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Kristin DiMiceli

Momentum Fest ambassadorGarage Pilates: The name tells the story…After leaving a corporate-style career in Pharmaceuticals, I began teaching at local studios and Physical Therapy offices.  It was at this time that I purchased a used Pilates reformer and started training friends and family at deeply discounted rates in my own garage. My husband’s job kept us on the move so my slightly used reformer and I actually taught Pilates in 5 different garages throughout the country: Northern California, the Midwest, New York, and Orange County. Although I have graduated from the garage studio the name serves as a reminder for the evolution of my Pilates practice.  This is Kristin’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Melissa Hinton

Momentum Fest ambassadorMelissa Hinton found her love of pilates while living in Botswana in southern Africa. After losing more than a hundred pounds through high intensity exercise, her body needed some nurturing while her brain craved a challenge–enter pilates. Melissa believes that pilates benefits every type of body and thus teaches on apparatuses, mat and even in the pool. This is Melissa’s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.






Marisa Oldefest

Marisa is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher and Certified Massage Therapist. Marisa developed a love for movement through dance and she went on to study ballet with the Colorado School of Ballet and Performing Arts. She found Pilates after an auto accident left her with a neck injury in 1996.  After just one Pilates private session session she felt immediate relief from her pain and realized she needed to become a teacher so she could share the benefits of the Pilates method with others.
She owns Peace of Mind Pilates in Denver, Colorado. Marisa truly loves teaching every body at every age and stage of their life! This is Marisa’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Kim Burgoon-Luchs

Momentum Fest ambassadorKim Burgoon-Luchs is a Pilates teacher in League City, TX. While studying dance in college, she fell in love with the Pilates method and knew she’d eventually become a teacher. She enjoys using Pilates to help people balance their everyday activities. Kim volunteered at Momentum Fest 2019 and is so excited to return as an ambassador for Momentum Fest 2020! This is her first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.





Amy Peters

Momentum Fest ambassadorMy absolute favorite part of owning a studio is to see our clients achieve their fitness goals . Seeing them become stronger and more confident is truly rewarding. The sense of community and support at the studio is unique and makes me feel like a proud momma.Our studio is a safe place for people of all ages, shapes and degrees of fitness to come together and celebrate the joy of movement. Sharing my passion has been a life long dream come true. This is Amy’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Stacey Extence

Stacey began practicing Pilates in 2011 to become healthier and soon realized it was offering more benefits. Pilates became a form of therapy for her mind and soul, making her fall in love with the movement practice. Stacey enjoys practicing Pilates at home, in a studio and also seeking out studios during her frequent travels. She is a Pilates enthusiast who loves sharing the method with anyone who’s willing to listen and try it out! She looks forward to completing a teacher training program in the near future. This is Stacey’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.




Christine Brusca Hall

A lifelong fitness and wellness practictioner, Christine is the owner of Studio 8 Pilates in Chicago. She is a certified pilates instructor through the PhysicalMind Institute and the Pilates Method Alliance. Chris has been teaching pilates since 2006 and her passion is training people who want to move better, feel better and live healthier lives. Christine discovered Pilates after complications stemming from childbirth and diastasis recti. She was seeking alternative methods of exercise to safely rehabilitate herself without surgery. Christine feels fortunate that she has access to such amazing continuing education in Chicago and is allowed to spread the Pilates message throughout her community. This is Christine’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Tanesha Manigo-Brown

Tanesha had thoughts of becoming a teacher, but it wasn’t until she took her first Pilates class during graduate school that she realized Pilates would be her subject. Pilates quickly became her passion, her purpose, and now the gift she continually shares with others to help them gain complete control over their bodies. Tanesha is Advanced Pilates Mat certified through Peak Pilates and an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. In addition, she is trained in the Bodhi Suspension System and holds instructor certifications in Pop Pilates, PIIT28 and POUND. Tanesha is the owner of Orange Groove Pilates Studio in Brunswick, GA where she’s making exercise less of a chore and more of a well-deserved experience. When she’s not teaching, she’s creating memories with her husband and two children. This is Tanesha’s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.




Nicole Peterson

Nikki’s Pilates journey began over 10 years ago when she attended her first Pilates workshop to fulfill a need for continuing education units for group fitness certifications. It was love at first sight! Nikki holds certifications in ACE, NASM, Tabata Bootcamp, and Strong by Zumba. She is also PMA certified, and is comprehensively trained through Pilates Sports Center, currently bridging with Polestar Pilates to expand her knowledge of rehab-based Pilates. Nikki is the owner of Nikkifit Pilates and Fitness LLC , a home based studio. Nikki desires to share her passion with a diverse population that would not ordinarily see themselves as Pilates practicers, demonstrating that Pilates truly is for everybody.  This is Nicole’s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Lori Watson

Lori Watson owns and operates her private studio in San Jose, CA. Although she was always active and loved fitness, it became a challenge in 1983 after a bad auto accident led to three back surgeries. She discovered Pilates during her recoveries and once again she felt strong and fit. This experience led her to change professions and get numerous certifications in Pilates and Gyrotonic. she has run her business for 16 years. She believes movement especially Pilates is good for everyone and focuses her practice on clients with movement disorders and physical impairments.



Kelly Hendricks

Kelly is a lifelong athlete with a passion for movement! She fell in love with Pilates after experiencing how it improved the activities she loves from hiking, skiing, trail running, sprint triathlons, swimming, and most importantly keeping up with her three young kids. She followed her passion of health and fitness in 2015 by deciding to own and operate three Club Pilates studios and she is currently in the process of completing her 500 hour comprehensive training through the Club Pilates teacher training program. Kelly loves how Pilates can help everyone’s body from a seasoned Ironman triathlete to someone who has never worked out before and everyone in between. Her passion is to improve the lives of everyone around her with better health by bringing communities together with a positive heart & mind. This is Kelly’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Jessica Roberts

Jessica is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor, comprehensively trained through Balanced Body and currently a master trainer for Club Pilates. Jessica discovered Pilates in the early 2000s with Mat Pilates DVD’s and discovered the Reformer with an Active Release Techniques massage therapist and chiropractor. It all came together when she discovered Reformer Pilates classes in 2010 realizing how great it made her whole body feel. It was a life-changing move as she transitioned from the real estate world into a fitness career. She is constantly pushing herself and her students to reach goals and success in not only training but in all classes and avenues of their individual journeys. Jessica’s teaching style is fun, enthusiastic and informative. It is with her great respect for the body and connection to the soul that her students resonate with clarity. Encouraging others to dream big and find their passion. This is Kelly’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Marisa Malzone

Marisa Malzone received her Pilates certification in 2007 from Brett Howard. Since then, she has taught in New York City, Hawaii, and Colorado. She truly believes that movement heals and loves helping her clients find joy in what their bodies are capable of. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in nutrition, dancing as part of the Schiff Dance Collective, and teaching barre and Pilates in and around Boulder, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and two pugs. She is so excited to be a part of Momentum Fest and share her love of movement with such a wonderful community. This is Marisa’s second year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Jennifer Ingle

After sitting inside of a cubicle for over eight years Jen decided enough was enough and set out to change her life. She had been involved in fitness from a young age in numerous forums and loved helping people. She received her Pilates Certification from Club Pilates in 2015 and has been teaching group classes and privates ever since. She recently became a PMA-CPT in 2019. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE Fitness and is a Coach at Orangetheory Fitness in San Diego. She has hopes to eventually open her own business Pilates long term. When she is not helping other people she is spending time with her husband, Brett, and her two cocker spaniel rescues Wills and Duncan.



The Pilates Collective

Clara Gelatt, the owner of The Pilates Collective, was introduced to Pilates in Washington DC and completed her teacher training at Pilates of Cherry Creek under Hope Petrine in 2013. After a few years of teaching at studios around Denver, Clara wanted to create her own studio atmosphere in which instructors truly felt supported to collaborate and develop their careers as they desired. In this community environment, she felt teachers could reach their full potential for themselves and best serve their clients. The Pilates Collective has two locations in Denver. Clara is particularly passionate about working with clients living with disabilities such as MS, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, and muscular dystrophy. This is Clara and The Pilates Collective’s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.



Kelly Brittain

Kelly is a wife, a Mama to three small children and a lover of all forms of movement. She has always been active and played many sports but her love of dance and competitive Scottish dancing is what brought her to the world of pilates as an adult. She is a pilates enthusiast, instructor and lead instructor of all 3 Club Pilates studios in Northern Nevada. She has additional training and certifications in Barre, Barre Above, TRX, Pilates Suspension Method and is currently working toward her PMA certification. This is Kelly’s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.




Laura Pittman

Laura is a fully certified STOTTS PILATES® instructor in Indian Trail, North Carolina. She was introduced to Pilates as a teenager shortly after being diagnosed with rotoscoliosis. Pilates improved her posture, strength, and flexibility, and eliminated the pain of her condition. Her personal experience fueled an interest in post-rehabilitative Pilates. Her classes cater to all abilities, from fit and active to special populations such as cardiac clients, children, elderly, and many more. As a certified prenatal and postnatal Pilates specialist, and borrowing from her own experience as a three-time mom, she created Laura Pittman Mommielates, a Pilates program designed specifically for a woman’s needs during and after pregnancy. This is Laura‘s first year as a Momentum Fest ambassador.