The Momentum Fest ambassador program highlights teachers in our community who are energetic, excited and driven in their Pilates practice and love of life. They embody our mission and are helping to spread Momentum Fest’s vision to their hometowns and studios!

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Meet our 2018 Momentum Fest Ambassadors


Melissa Nagai 

Melissa Nagai, owner of b.PILATES & Personal Training, began her career in fitness in the early 1990’s, teaching high energy aerobics, weight training, and spin classes for many years before she discovered Pilates.  Ongoing education and training in both Pilates and fitness brought Melissa to where she is today, holding certifications as a Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag training. Melissa credits studying and practicing Pilates with changing the way she personally approaches fitness as well as how she trains her clients.  She believes that it is very important to find a balance in the physical fitness activities that you are doing so that you are able to continue on with the activities that you enjoy for many years to come.



Tricia Whitlock

Soul Body Works studio owner and principal instructor Tricia left corporate America in 2012 after a life-changing event, and began searching for a career with purpose and meaning. She immediately gravitated towards fitness, obtaining her certifications through full-time study, practice, and observation. A voracious learner, creator, and innovator, she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and took over Soul Body Works in 2014 to transform not only her life, but the lives of many others.
Her philosophy is that exercise should be fun and rewarding, and that a variety of options is a wonderful way to get and stay fit for life!



Whitney Shea, PTA, PMA® -CPT, RYT

Whitney is a Pilates Teacher and Physical Therapist Assistant in Boulder, CO, and she’s currently teaches Pilates at Physical Therapy of Boulder, Colorado Athletic Club, and at The University of Colorado at Boulder. She is PMA and Yoga Alliance Certified, and has Advanced Teacher Training and Master’s Program Certifications from the Pilates Center in Boulder, as well as a degree in Integrative Physiology from CU-Boulder. After experiencing a traumatic car accident in 2008, she developed a deeper appreciation of The Pilates Method as rehabilitation, which has brought her to her most current position as a PTA and Pilates Teacher. When Whitney isn’t teaching or practicing Pilates and Yoga, you’ll most likely find her outside hiking, skiing, rock climbing, or fly fishing with her husband Billy, and their pup, Solus!


Victoria Mogilevsky & Katie Cummings of Mogo Pilates

Victoria Mogilevsky is PMA®-CPT and a graduate of the Advanced Teacher Training Program from The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO. She is also a TPC Master’s Program graduate and Host Advisor for the teacher training program. She has completed the Pilates Plus Psyche with Pilates Elder, Mary Bowen, in Northhampton, MA and the certification for Scolio-Pilates® Program with Karena Thek. She is being mentored by TPC’s, Debora Kolwey, in Eve Gentry work. As a perpetual student of Pilates, she recently graduated from the Kathy Grant Heritage Program by Cara Reeser. She is the owner and lead teacher at Mogo Pilates which is a classical and inclusive studio located in Minneapolis, MN.

Katie Cummings is the Studio Director and teacher for Mogo Pilates in Wayzata, MN. She is currently a trainee in the Advanced Teacher Training Program with The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. She started practicing Pilates over 14 years ago and fell in love with how it challenged her mentally and physically. She has participated in workshops with Pilates Elder, Mary Bowen and being mentored by Victoria Mogilevsky. With a professional background in non-profit, Katie has felt very connected to the Pilates community and the shared passion for how beneficial the method can be for everyone in every stage of life.

Yael Trainer

TerraFly Pilates is classically inspired studio owned by Yael Trainer. Our goal at TerraFly is to help our clients feel strong, balanced, inspired, and free. Our mission is to provide the highest level of Pilates to our community with the best teachers in a welcoming, encouraging and supportive environment We want our studio to feel like home, whether it’s your first class or your 100th!



Jocelyn Cohenour

Jocelyn Cohenour is the owner of Studio 7 Pilates + Barre in Kansas City. As a Master Trainer for Pilates Sports Center and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Jocelyn leads a growing team of Pilates Instructors who focus on providing classes that combine the classical and progressive approaches to Pilates to meet their clients fitness and rehabilitative needs. Additionally, Jocelyn and her team are certified TRX Instructors and have created their own Barre7 and Bounce7 programs. As the only studio in KC with rebounders, they are able to diversify their class offerings to provide a variety of class formats that include Pilates, Barre7, TRX, and Bounce7. Jocelyn is excited to be an Ambassador for Momentum Fest and to bring a group from Studio7 to the festival this year!


Suzanna Baldridge

Suzanna Baldridge is an instructor for Club Pilates at the Kent, Bellevue and Newcastle locations in Washington State. Although she had been long time fitness enthusiast in general, Suzanna first discovered the benefits of Pilates after her C Section in 2013.  Having seen the amazing difference it made in her life, she quickly realized that she wanted to share her passion for Pilates with others. She completed a 500 hour comprehensive teacher training program through Club Pilates and now teaches four days a week. Suzanna loves that Pilates translates to all body types and can be as low impact as needed, or as dynamic as desired for athletic conditioning. Outside of Pilates, “Suz’s” interests include wine, trying new restaurants, rock music, and hanging out with her husband and four-year-old son in their West Seattle neighborhood.



Emily Sharpe

Emily Sharpe is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor and is comprehensively trained through Balanced Body. Additionally, she has been trained in Balanced Body MOTR, BODHI Suspension System and Barre. Emily discovered Pilates over eight years ago and dove into learning the method, ultimately leaving her advertising career to pursue teaching Pilates full time. Emily strives to bring energy, passion and enthusiasm to her students so they can have a positive movement experience. When not in the studio, Emily can be found hiking with her husband and friends or learning mountaineering skills through the Colorado Mountain Club. She also enjoys traveling to adventurous places, most recently Australia, New Zealand and Africa to hike Mount Kilimanjaro!



Allison Zang

Allison has had a love of Pilates since her first class in 2001 at the University of Pittsburgh. She has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and a passion for learning and the science behind movement. Allison, her husband Andrew and their 5-year-old daughter, Alivia, reside in central Pennsylvania. They love being outside as a family and traveling. Additionally, Allison owns five Pilates and Barre studios and has her own teacher training program.



Maria Alejandra Poggioli

Maria was a Pilates fan for 10 years before finally taking her passion to the next level after settling in Australia. In 2014, she completed her Polestar Pilates Diploma and opened KokoaFit Pilates in Brisbane. Learning and teaching body movement has become an amazingly rewarding way of life for her. She is currently a Polestar Mentor in training, which will allow her to not only continue learning and growing herself, but also to spread the beauty of Pilates to others who share the same passion and aspirations. Outside her studio, Maria stays active and busy with her husband and three kids, taking every opportunity to escape to a sandy beach!


The Pilates Studio 

At The Pilates Studio, our goal is to make the Pilates Method accessible to all.
Located in Denver, Colorado, we strive to cultivate a friendly, community-focused, and positive environment. Our Studio provides a consistent Pilates practice that fits even the busiest schedule. We offer certified and mindful instruction, quality equipment, and unique sessions at affordable prices. Stay balanced in body, mind & spirit… always.



Amanda Kindschy

Amanda was raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she grew up riding horses, doing gymnastics, and playing team sports. She loved being active, but hadn’t found an activity she wanted to continue into adulthood. That all changed when she discovered Pilates in 2013. She was trained by Club Pilates in 2015 and since then has pursued continuing education and mentoring with teachers such as Anula Maiberg, Try Fry, and Carrie Pages. She’s passionate about being both a Pilates teacher and student. Amanda’s also excited to be a part of the current movement of teachers working to create an inclusive Pilates community where there is a feeling of mutual respect and appreciation for different types of purposeful movement.



Gina Stoufer

Gina is the owner of Grow A Spine™ Pilates and is a PMA and Buff Bones certified Pilates teacher. She first discovered Pilates 10 years ago, but didn’t take it seriously as a healing modality until scoliosis and a painful low back forced her to stop running in 2016 and work on her own health.  Having stayed home to raise her kids for 20 years, she decided the time was perfect to become a Pilates teacher. Gina says that Pilates has helped her grow as a person and also find strength in her core, length in her spine for better posture, healing for her injuries and balance as she ages. She has a passion for helping others find strength, balance and mindful focus through Grow A Spine™ Pilates.


Beth Bedingfield

Beth Bedingfield has been an avid Pilates/Lagree fitness lover the past 10 years. She discovered the Lagree method in Los Angeles and went on to get certified to teach 2 months later. Beth taught in LA for seven years before moving back to her hometown of Denver, CO, to open up her own studio, Transform Colorado. Bringing awareness to this unique method, helping people reach their fitness goal, and teaching movement in different, more safe and effective ways is one of Beth’s biggest passions. She is continuing to grow her business by expanding to her second location and launching WELLth, an organic superfood boutique cafe, in spring of 2018. WELLth will offer organic cold press juices, hand crafted tonics, organic superfood smoothies and protein shakes as well as a full service coffee and tea bar.



Ashley Porter

Ashley Porter, founder of Perk! Pilates, is a lifelong dancer and athlete with a love of movement. After completing her degree, and while pursuing a career in dance, she followed her passion for fitness—continuing her education and receiving multiple certifications. With many years of experience in both individual and group instruction, Ashley has had the opportunity to work with a diverse variety of clients, ranging from children to active older adults and those in need of adaptive exercises. Ashley’s mission is to provide people with knowledge, motivate them to achieve their goals, and challenge them to continue a healthy, active lifestyle.


Hillary Brown

Hillary is a heart centered dance studio owner of Manoa Dance Studio & Pilates teacher who loves to empower her students. She came to know Pilates after a massive stroke at the age of 25. Needing to relearn everything once again, Pilates helped her tremendously along her road to recovery. She credits Pilates (and lots of gratitude) to her miraculous recovery.  She since has completed over 1,300 certification hours in Pilates and teaches Pilates classes and workshops at her dance studio in Honolulu and in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Maritza Pallone

Shortly after having her first child, Maritza experienced a back injury. A friend recommended she try Pilates and she was hooked. Maritza found a new awareness of her body, felt stronger than ever before and became painfree. She studied with Pilates instructor Brooke Siler, and in 2007 earned her PMA certification. Maritza is the is owner of Sound Beach Pilates, an intimate studio in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. She loves sharing her passion and dedication for movement. She has a unique approach to her teaching, and continuously looks for creative ways to keep the work challenging, yet fun, for her clients.


Kerri Roberts

Kerri is a certified Pilates and barre instructor and a holistic health coach in Seattle. When not teaching Pilates, Kerri spends time as a flight attendant. Experiencing the struggle of maintaining health and balance while on the go, Kerri knew she needed to create a way to make it work. She was inspired by her coworkers and passengers as they too struggled to make healthy choices. Thrive Away was born, offering its readers real life advice and practical tools on maintaining healthy eating habits, workouts, and thriving away.


Gina de Soto

Gina de Soto is the owner of Body of Knowledge Pilates & Nutrition Coaching in Denver, Colorado. Gina graduated from the Pilates Center of Boulder in 2004 and the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Colorado in 2013. She loves teaching Movement to anyone, but specializes in working with clients who have chronic low back pain or who are pre and post hip surgery.
Gina is also fascinated with the healing properties of foods and the positive impact that specialized nutrition can have on those who suffer from chronic pain of any kind.


Camille Tuutti

Camille’s love affair with Pilates began in 2012 when she took her first class. Not only did she find a mind/body-focused workout she loved doing, but Pilates helped her overcome a two-decade battle with disordered eating and body dysmorphia. In 2016, Camille completed her comprehensive training through BASI and began teaching at Reformation Fitness, a boutique studio in D.C. Her goal is to help clients realize what they’re physically — and mentally — capable of. Camille is a full-time journalism executive, a certified nutrition coach and completed her CoreAlign teacher training in 2017.


Ashley Chubrik

Ashley is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast who first came to pilates after a running injury several years ago. She discovered a love of Pilates that has since turned into a passion for teaching and sharing the method with others. Ashley began the certification process with Ellie Herman Studios in 2010 and has completed over 500 hours in training. She continues to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics by attending seminars throughout the country. Ashley enjoys working with clients of all different levels in both individual and group settings to help them achieve their specific goals.


Lexy Adkins

Lexy is the Senior Instructor and Outreach Coordinator at Bolder Pilates in Boulder, CO. Her love of movement has also led her to not only complete her comprehensive Pilates certification but also run her own studio for 5 years, complete intensives in functional anatomy and biomechanics, earn her 200 hour and prenatal yoga teacher certifications, and complete yoga therapy training. After enduring a traumatic accident in 2011 that resulted in 5 surgeries and a lot of personal experience with rehabilitation and compensation patterns, Lexy has a deep understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of being injured and finding your way back to movement. Lexy has a passion for working with people with injuries and improper movement patterns, competitive athletes, and those who are simply interested in learning about their body and having fun with movement.


Sara Felt

Sara Felt is the owner of Aligned: Pilates-Barre-Yoga in Lawrence, KS, and is a Master Trainer for Balanced Body Education. She holds certificates through Balanced Body®, Fletcher® Pilates, Centerworks Pilates, and has completed continuing education under several first-generation teachers and master trainers. She also holds a 200 hour RYT yoga certification. She teaches the Balanced Body Pilates and Barre curriculum at her studio, and as a guest presenter throughout the Kansas City area and across the country.
A dynamic, inspiring teacher, Sara aims to make Pilates accessible to all. Her diverse clientele includes athletes, dancers, fitness professionals, musicians, pre/post-rehab clients, and men & women of all ages and abilities.